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Hello and welcome to our Trials Community!


Who are we….

We’re the Test & Trial team. We run tests and trials for new products, services and devices for BT, EE and Plusnet


What we do ….

For every new product that we launch to customers, we play an essential role to enable a smooth delivery. The aim is to confirm the new product provides the best customer experience and best customer service.


What you do ….

When you’re selected for a trial you have an essential role. Your feedback and personal opinion about the product provides the insight we need to be confident it’s ready for launch


Next steps ….

If you feel you can contribute to an effective trial, please enter your email address below and click ‘verify email address’. You’ll then receive a verification e-mail. Click on the link in this email to complete your registration.

(Please note: at present we are only running trials within the UK)


You will be requested to provide contact information and details of products and services you have under the following headers:

Phone and Broadband
Mobile phone
TV & TV service

These will be your Trial Profiles. We do ask for quite a lot of detail but this helps us to verify you’re selected for the most appropriate trial so please take the time to provide as much detail as you can.


We may contact you by any of these methods regarding any trial we have asked you to participate in


We look forward to working with you in our Trials Community.


      Test & Trial Team


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